Week 2: Apps, iTunes and Settings

Topics Covered:

1. Using iTunes and apps

2. How to use the browser - Safari

3. Accessibility on the iPad

5. iCloud - Back up and sync to the cloud

Using the app store on iTunes on a computer

You can use the app store on iTunes find and locate apps for your ipad. The iTunes Store has more than just apps: it has music, podcasts, TV shows, Movies, books... and you could purchase any of this media, download it and use it on your computer, or an iphone as well as your iPad.


This video looks at using the app store in iTiunes whilst you are on a computer. It navigates through all the different sections and explains how to locate and download an app for your ipad or phone. It weill explain user reviews, ratings and how to update apps.

You need to have your iPad connected to your computer via the USB cable that came with your iPad. Once you have downloaded and updated apps, sync the iPad.

Direct link to Youtube:  http://youtu.be/yIYlmAb9sok?hd=1   

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Learning about iTunes and the iPad

 How do you sync your ipad to iTunes on your computer? iTunes is the program that manages your media library and keeps your library synchronised with your iPad. If you do'nt have a computer, you can sync your iPad with iCloud. There are two videos in this section. Click here for the videos.


How to use the Browser - Safari

This video is in two parts and covers all aspects of using Safari as your internet browser on the internet..

Part 1


Direct link to Youtube:  http://youtu.be/2c-usT9hgBI?hd=1


Part 2

Direct link to Youtube:  http://youtu.be/zrIy4IhkUoc?hd=1



You don't need a disability to make use of the iPad's accessibility features. Have your text spoken to you, zoom in and out in an app or on the home screens, increase the text size in a range of apps,  change to white on black and assign a function if you triple-click the Home button.

Direct link to Youtube:    http://youtu.be/q_lm7WZeo-4?hd=1


Accessibility: Guided Access feature  

This is a new feature and is a part of the iOS 6.0 upgrade.

This service  allows you to lock down your phone to the use of one app, and then also enables you to circle off any part of the screen that you don't want usable. This could be great for children. For example, if they want to draw with your iPad's screen but you don't want them going into any other apps or deleting any other work you might have, you can use Guided Access to make sure they're only doing what you allow them to do.