Lesson 15: Spice up your images using the Brush tool

This video shows you how to make an image more interesting by using the Brush tool in Pixlr. It looks at adding and removing brushes, creating your own customised set of brushes, saving them and loading them into Pixlr.

Images: garfield.jpg; desert at night.jpg

Lesson 15: Project

Fun with Layers and Brushes

This project will consolidate the skills learnt in the previous tutorials.

Images: flower.jpg; butterfly brush.jpg


Lesson 16: The Color Replace Tool

 This video looks at the Colour Replace Tool and shows you how to change the colour of something in an image.

Images: homer simpson.jpg; close up of face.jpg, banana tree leaves.jpg

Lesson 17: Spot Heal & Red Eye Reduction tools

Lesson 17 in the series of Pixlr tutorials. This video demonstrates the Spot Heal and Red Eye Reduction tools to repair and re-touch an image.

Images: baby- scratched photo.jpg; red eyes.jpg; red eye in a photo.jpg; apple with spots.jpg

Practice on this imageSpot heal - face closeup.jpg

Lesson 17: Project: Touch up a portrait

This video accompanies the Pixlr tutorial on the Spot Heal and Red Eye Reduction tools. It shows you how to touch up a portrait using mainly the Spot Heal tool, the Clone Stamp tool, Gaussian blur filter, colour balance, contrast & brightness.

Images: portrait - original.jpg


Lesson 20: The Drawing Tool

Lesson 20 in the series on how to use Pixlr. This video covers the Drawing tool and looks at how to draw various shapes: rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse and line. It also discusses the use of layers when using shapes, changing the shape's opacity and blending mode, adding a shape to an image and adding text, and using a rectangle shape as a picture frame for a photo.

Images: child gardening; wood texture.jpg

Lesson 23: Text, Layer Styles and the Drawing Tool

Lesson 23 in the series on how to use Pixlr. This video integrates the use of the Text tool, Layer Styles and the Drawing tool to enhance an image. It covers the use of styles like drop and inner shadows, using shapes to create text boxes and titles, and the use of layers to assist in the editing, movement and placement of your objects.

Images: fruit market.jpg