How to Markup an attachment in iOS 9

Annotate & Markup an attachment in Mail

Signing a document, annotating an attachment and drawing on a photo can now be done directly in the Mail app in iOS 9.

iOS 9 now includes Markup, a tool that lets you annotate email attachments, including image files as well as PDFs, effectively turning the Mail app into a more powerful one with a growing focus on productivity. It allows you to sketch, zoom, add text, and sign documents on the go. This new tool therefore lets you easily mark up a document from within Mail, re-attach it to the email, and send it back in the same message thread.

Markup for iOS 9 works for both incoming or outgoing attachments, meaning that you can annotate either the attachments you receive, or those that you send. 

How to annotate & Markup emails

To annotate an attachment that you attached to an email,  add the attachment to the message and then tap and hold on it until the Share menu appears. From there, scroll to the right and simply select Markup and Reply. This will open up the Markup editor. If you are attempting to markup an attachment you received, tap the attachment and download it first. Then tap and hold the attachment, and select Markup and Reply

save attachment - share sheet

The Markup Editor

With the Markup editor open, you can change colour of the drawing, alter the thickness of the lines, add callouts by drawing with your finger, add text by tapping the text box button, or add your signature by tapping the Signature button.

markup editor - ios 9

1. Freehand tool. You can draw lines, shapes, arrows or write text. When you draw a circle, arrow or rectangle or square, Markup will attempt to turn your hand-drawn shape into a "proper" shape.

2. Magnify an area of your attachment. Tap this button and then tap the attachment to magnify.

3.  Text. Tap to add a text box. The tools on the right, (Numbers 5,6,7) are used to change colours, fonts, font sizes, orientation - centred etc, line and pen width. Select your formatting options and then tap inside the text box and select, Edit. You can then type your text. Hold the handles to move the text box around the screen.

4. Add and use your signature. Tap, then add a new signature, if it is your first time using this tool, and sign your name using your finger or a stylus. Tap Done, or Clear to enter it again. Your signature will then appear on your attachment. You can tap and hold to move it to the correct location on your document.

5,6,7 are the formatting tools. (See No. 3)


An example of markup

Here I've added a text box, a red rectangle around an image I'd like to emphasis and an arrow.

Saving your markup

Click Done when you are ready and your markup which is on the attachment will be saved. You can then send the mail message which will include the marked up / annotated attachment. At this stage, there is no way to save the annotated attachment to your iCloud Drive. However, you could get around this by sending yourself a copy of the email (with the marked up attachment) and then saving the attachment

Marking up an image in a Mail message

Add the image to your mail message. Tap and hold on the message area and then select, Insert photo or video.

Once the image has been inserted into the mail message, tap and hold the image and then tap, Markup.

Use the same Markup tools as explained above. Click done when you've finished and send the message.