Manage a pdf document in Goodreader 4

PDF Management in Goodreader 4

GoodReader is a file viewer but also much more. The app supports PDF and TXT files and can handle most other file types: MS Office -.doc, .ppt, .xls,(.docx, pptx, .xlsx), iWork ‘08/'09, HTML, and Safari webarchives, images, and audio/video files. One of its best features is the ability to annotate PDF files.

The new PDF page manipulation tools in GoodReader include virtually all of the tools that you are likely to ever want to use to work with a PDF file. T  In the prior version of GoodReader, you could use the app to organize, view and annotate your PDF files, but if you wanted to manipulate the PDF file you would have to use another app on your iPad to do so.  GoodReader 4 adds the ability to manipulate pages in a PDF file. 

Navigation Tools

In Goodreader, open a pdf document and in the Reading Pane, tap the middle of the screen to open up the Editingt & Navigation tools. The Navigation toolbar is at the bottom of the screren. Tap the Pdf  Management.

Edit a Pdf Document

Tap the Edit button and Select a page. This will open the management tools. This is what you can do.

  1. Add a new Page: You can also add blank pages to an existing PDF file, useful if you want to add a page of notes as a part of a file, or create a new PDF file with one or more blank pages where you can take notes.
  2. Move pages: Rearrange pages within a file.
  3. Extract: extract pages and turn them into a new PDF file
  4. Email: extract pages to email just those pages,
  5. Delete: delete pages.
  6. Rotate: rotate individual or all pages.
  7. Split: split a PDF file
  8. Append: insert pages to a PDF file from another PDF file. 

Add a New Page

Tap Add Pages. To add multiple pages, tap the +. To add the new page(s) to a specific location, move the marker to the location where the new pages will go and then tap: Add Here. Tap Save. You can add your own notes on these new blank pages.

Move Pages

You can move pages within your doucment. Tap Edit, then Move (at the bottom). Select the page(s) you want to move.  Drag the marjer to the position you want the pages to be relocated. Tap Move Here.

Extract pages

You can extract pages from a large document and email them or turn them into a new pdf file. Tap Edit, Select the pages you want to extract and then Tap Extract. Extract the pages "As Is"  or Flatten Annotations. A new file will be created in Your Documents.  You can then email the new file or annoate and edit it.

Delete Pages

Tap Edit, select the page(s) you want to delete and then tap Delete.

Rotate a file

Tap Edit, select the page you want to rotate then tap Rotate.

Split a file

You can also use the Split tool to create two new files, one file with the first part of the original PDF file and one file with the second part of the original PDF file.  This could be useful if you are trying to email a PDF file from your iPad that is too large; you can chop it into two or more smaller files.  To use this feature, first tap the Split button, and then drag a marker to indicate where the file should be split — or you can just tap between two pages to move the marker to that spot.  Then tap "Split here" to create the two new files

Append a file

You can add separate pdf files and create one large document. Tap Append, select the document (s) you want to append and tap Append. Tap .