How to get photos onto the iPad

How to get photos onto the iPad


..... The iPad's camera, screen capture, save a photos from a web page

There are many ways to get photos onto your iPad. This post  goes through three ways to get photos onto your iPad.

  1. Using the iPad's camera. You can take a still shot, a square photo, use continuous "Burst Mode" for moving objects or take a video.
  2. Taking a screen capture from a web page or an app and simple editing of the screen capture.
  3. Saving a photo from a web page. Any image can be saved to your Camera Roll as an image.
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Tap on the home screen

This should be very simple, as this was the original method to open up the camera. Find the camera icon, tap on it.

Slide the camera up on the lock screen

By swiping up the camera icon located in the lower right hand corner of the screen, it opens the camera. You cannot access the Camera roll without unlocking the iPad so this does not present any security risk. The only photos you will be able to access by opening the camera from the Lock Screen are the photos you take using this method.

Use Siri

You can say “Open Camera,” or “Launch Camera,” and Siri will open up the camera app so you are able to use it.

 Use Control Centre

This feature is new in iOS 7. Control Center allows you to easily access your camera wherever you are on your iOS device. To activate Control Center, swipe up on any screen. Then you can press the camera button in the lower right hand corner, which will then open up the camera app.


Taking Photos with the Camera

The iPad snaps fantastic photographs. It has two built-in cameras - one facing forwards, and another looking towards you - and the large display makes it easy to line up shots.

Taking pictures on the iPad couldn't be easier. Tap the Camera app icon on the home screen, line up your shot and tap the white shutter button on the right. You'll hear a shutter 'click' and the photo will be saved to your Camera Roll. You can tap the small photo in the bottom right of the screen to view it, or from the Home Screen use the Photos app to view all your images.

Taking pictures is a breeze, but taking good ones becomes a little easier with a few tricks.

Here are some dependable tips for taking better-looking photographs on an iPad.


Tap to focus

Like all digital cameras the iPad has a great autofocus. It does a wonderful job of detecting faces, but sometimes you want it to focus on a specific object, like something on a landscape or person. Just tap the object in the screen to focus on that point. A yellow square appears, marking the point where you tapped. This will always be in focus.


Pinch to zoom

A surprising number of people don’t realise the iPad has a zoom feature, because it’s so hidden away. There are no on-screen buttons for zooming in and out but you can zoom using a pinch-to-zoom gesture (where you place a finger and thumb on the screen and pinch out). Once you've pinched the screen you can zoom in and out using the white Zoom Slider at the bottom of the screen. The zoom is digital rather than optical, so it enlarges the pixels, which can lead to a reduction in quality so use it cautiously.


Switch to square

The  iPad camera has a fashionable square shot mode that is reminiscent of Polaroid photographs. To use it just slide your finger up the screen and it'll switch to Square mode and the main window will change from a rectangle to a square - square shots are especially good for portraits. Slide your finger back down the screen to move back to regular shots, just be careful not to slide too far or you'll switch to Video mode.


Turn on HDR

The best way to improve the quality of your iPad shots is to use High Dynamic Range or HDR mode. It is a special feature that can create fabulous photographs which you access by tapping HDR above the Shutter. HDR mode takes up more space on the iPad because it actually takes three different photographs at once and combines the best of them into one shot. If you look in the Camera Roll in the Photos app you will see all three shots as well as your HDR one. you can turn this off in the Settings.

Continuous shooting (Burst Mode)

If you have a fast-moving subject, hold down the Shutter button. The iPad makes a fast-clicking noise and takes a series photographs at once. This can be perfect for subjects like motorcars or young children.

Turn on the Grid

The iPad camera has a special mode called Grid. Go to Settings - Photos & Camera and tap the button next to Grid. When you next the Camera app you’ll see white lines across the screen, replicating the 'Rule of Thirds' photographic grid. Try to line up faces and objects where the lines cross or put the horizon on a horizontal line. This will help you frame a picture immaculately.

Taking a screen capture

An iPad can be used for taking screenshots. To take a screenshot,  press the sleep / wake button located on the top right hand side of the iPad and the home button placed at the centre. A small sound and flash confirm the screen capture has been done. The actual screen capture is available from the Photos app.  The screenshots that are taken by an iPad can be used as attachments and sent by email, assigned to a person's contact details, printed & used as a wallpaper or quite simply as a screensaver. 

You may have a lot of apps installed on your new iPad, just imagine when you want to illustrate how to use an app on new iPad, if you can get an exact copy of what you’re seeing on the screen of your new iPad and send to share with others. 

Save an image from a web page

Tap and hold the image within the email. A dialog will pop up with two options – Save Image and Copy.  Save Image will save it to the Saved Photos album in the Photos app.  Copy will place it on the iPad’s clipboard, available to be pasted wherever you want (in a new mail or a word processing app for example).