iOS 7.1 Fixes: Fonts, icons, menus, animation

iOS 7.1 Update – Some Fixes


If you have difficulty in reading text, icons, menus in iOS 7, the latest update for your iOS device  (iOS 7.1) – iPad and iPhone has just made that easier.  You can reduce or eliminate the animations that make you nauseous and the Bold Font option now applies more broadly across the OS, making text even easier-to-read for those users who are opposed to skinny fonts. If you don’t like something in iOS 7, chances are you can change it in Settings > General > Accessibility.


Reduce motion in iOS 7

If transitioning from apps to the multitasking screen on iOS 7 has you feeling seasick, don’t panic: there’s no need to throw your iPad or iPhone in the bin. You can disable this animation and iOS 7’s other more drastic shifts by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion.

Reduce Motion quiets iOS 7’s whooshing transitions into static cross-dissolves, disables dynamic wallpaper and other parallax motion, turns off the moving Weather backgrounds, and reduces Messages’s bouncing effect.


If it's just the wallpaper you want to silence, you can do so from the Wallpapers & Brightness screen.  If you like most of the  motion, but just want to stop the parallax wallpaper, there’s a setting for that, too: Make sure Reduce Motion is off, then go to Wallpapers & Brightness and tap on your current wallpaper. A new button appears above the Cancel and Set buttons: Perspective Zoom. Turn it off, and your wallpaper will be still.

Make the text larger and bolder

Probe into the settings and you can darken the keyboard, dock, notification centre, and folder backgrounds in order to make everything easier to see and read.

Having trouble reading text in your apps? There are two solutions hidden away in Settings > General > Accessibility. The first, Larger Type, lets you set a predefined text size for apps to use; you can make that text even bigger by flipping the Larger Accessibility Sizes toggle. Currently, this switch only works for apps that support it—this includes any built-in app on your device, but your third-party programs may not yet have implemented this feature. Turn on the Bold Text switch to bold the fonts in iOS 7.

If it’s not large text you seek but thicker text, iOS offers a Bold Text option within the Accessibility screen. Enabling it does require rebooting your iOS device, but after you do so, your device’s default font is bolder all around.

Increase Control Center and Notification Center’s contrast, darken colors, and reduce whiteness

Thanks to iOS 7’s new layered view, Siri, Control Centre, and Notification Centre features appear to float above your current home screen or app when you open them. Sometimes, however, that contrast makes it hard to see what’s on that top view.Turn on the Reduce Transparency switch to flatten the layers below Siri, Notification Centre, or Control Centre.

To make it a little easier to see, check out the Increase Contrast menu, found under Settings > General > Accessibility. You can enable the Reduce Transparency switch to remove the subtler blur in favor of a straight transparency gradient.

There are two other switches under Increase Contrast: Darken Colours and Reduce White Point. The first darkens all of the colour highlights found in iOS 7 and system apps; menus, colored icons, and such all appear a shade darker when this switch is enabled.

Reduce White Point adds a slight grey tint to any pure white screen, potentially making it less glaring for users who have brightness hiked all the way up.

Make sure a switch is on or off

If you have trouble with colour, the On/Off Labels switch in Settings > General > Accessibility enables shapes under iOS 7’s white-and-green switches so that you can tell when one is enabled or disabled. (The circle indicates a switch is disabled, while the vertical line indicates it’s enabled.)


Enable the On/Off Labels toggle to add shapes to your switches.

New button shapes

New button shapes

Button shapes! With iOS 7.0 Apple got rid of button shapes in favour of text-only buttons. Many complained that this made navigating the operating system hard because it was often difficult to distinguish between what was a button and what was just text. Users can now enable button shapes again by going to Settings>General>Accessibility and toggling “Button Shapes”.