Upgrading your iPad to iOS 7


There is a new operating system for your iPad or iPhone. It is a major change from what you are used to.  "What we have now is an operating system that feels slightly familiar, but is basically a completely new experience". 

Should you upgrade?

Ultimately, yes you should upgrade but not before you have familiarised yourself with what  the changes are and, more importantly, how to prepare for the upgrade - by backing up your device and reviewing how to upgrade. See the two articles below. If this is not enough, Google iOS 7 review or look in Youtube for videos that provide a walkthrough of the main new features. 

Some links

Reasons not to upgrade

None - unless you have a model which is not compatible. See here for compatible devices. ( Identifying your iPad model).  Apps will be updated to reflect the new operating system and eventually may not work effectively if you stay with iOS 6. With technology, things keep changing. Don't be afraid to change with them. Take your time, read up what this "iOS 7 thing" is all about, but take the plunge and upgrade.


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