Read web pages offline using Safari

How to use the Reading List in Safari

 The Reading List is used to save and organise web pages that you want to view offline. This means that you can preload a whole lot of articles and webpages on your iPhone, iPad,iPod Touch or MAC device before you get on a plane, or find yourself without wireless connectivity and access all of them even though your iOS device may be in airplane mode or offline. This feature can obviously be used even when you know you will have a data connection just to save web articles that you can come back to at any time.

If you’d like to test out your list, go into the Settings app and enable “Airplane Mode,” then attempt to load an item from the Offline Reading List.


Here is how to use Offline Reading List:

1. Open up a webpage on your iDevice in Safari that you want to add to Reading List for later reading.


2. Once the page has loaded, tap the Sharing icon. This will reveal all of the sharing items for this page. In the bottom right corner, you will see an icon with glasses and “Add to Reading List” written below it. Tap on this to add the page to your reading list. The page will download and be saved for later.



3.  To access your reading list, simply launch Safari and tap on the Bookmark button. Here you will see all of your bookmarks and bookmark folders. At the bottom right is the Reading List. Tap on this to show all of the articles and pages you have saved. Tap any of the articles to read it. Once you have read the article, it will be moved from the Unread section of the Reading List to the All section. The next time you open the Reading List, all you will see are the articles that you have not yet read.

To delete a page, swipe from right to left and tap: Delete

To delete a page, swipe from right to left and tap: Delete

4.  If you’d like to remove an article from the “All” or “Unread” reading list, swipe across the item and tap on “Delete.”

Synchronise your reading list across all iOS or MAC devices. If you have a MAC laptop , iMAC desktop, iPhone or iPod Touch, you can synchronise your Reading List articles across all devices. You do this via iCloud. turn on Safari in iCloud