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The iPad Quick Start Guide

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This course is available from which is an online learning website. It has paid courses on a variety of subjects. For U3A members, the iPad Quick Start Guide is free (It normally sells for $79). Click the link below which will provide you with a free coupon to enrol in the course.

The iPad Quick Start Guide will help you feel comfortable with your iPad so you can hit the ground running in no time at all. It covers everything a new user needs to know to get started. It will introduce you to the key features of your new iPad and take you through the early stages of its use. With the help of this course you’ll soon get to grips with your iPad and the amazing software that lurks beneath the beautiful Retina screen.

The iPad is unlike any computer you’ve ever laid your hands on. You’re already an expert since you just use your fingers directly on the screen to move and affect what you see. If you know how to point, you know how to use an iPad, and that’s the truly exciting thing about this device: it makes personal computing truly personal.

But despite its obvious friendliness, it’s still a remarkably complex piece of hardware and you’ll need to know a little about what makes the iPad tick:

  1. How you turn it on
  2. What functions its few buttons offer.
  3. And what about all the other controls embedded in the software itself?
  4. How can you use its many features to the fullest?
  5. How do you set up many of the Apps?
  6. Syncing media: Movies, books, photos, music
  7. How do you get up and going again when trouble strikes?

Whatever your starting point, a complete beginner or somewhat experienced, the iPad Quick Start Guidewill give you the confidence and knowledge to get the most out of your iPad and be ready to move on to far greater iPad challenges. You can dive straight into the course or selectively pick and choose what you need to learn. The choice is yours!

This amazing video course lets you go at your own pace – so you can learn at any time. It consists of video tutorials and pointers to many documents or support materials to help you when you get stuck. As updates occur to the iPad, new videos will also be added to the course, and I am available to answer any questions you may have at any time.

The iPad provides a more enjoyable, intuitive and personal dimension to computing, and this course will give you the power to use it as a complete mobile computing device ... to browse the web, check and send emails, share and enjoy photos, watch videos in HD, play music, read eBooks, play games and much more.



Section 1: Introduction to the course

  • Lecture 1: what are you going to learn?
  • Lecture 2: Lecture Descriptions and Other Resources
  • Quiz 1: How well do you know the iPad?

Section 2: Your Apple Account

  • Lecture 3: what is an Apple ID?
  • Lecture 4: How to create an Apple ID
  • Lecture 5: Protect yourself: Setup Apple Two Step Verification
  • Lecture 6: Activate and register your iPad

Section 3: Setting up your iPad

  • Lecture 8: Interacting with your iPad: Navigation and Gestures 
  • Lecture 9: Personalise your iPad: Changing Settings 
  • Lecture 10: Change your iPad's Settings - Part 2 
  • Lecture 11: iPad Cheat Sheet: Defining the General Settings
  • Lecture 12: iPad Cheat Sheet: Settings for Mail, Contacts, Calendar
  • Lecture 13: Set up a WiFi Connection on the iPad 
  • Lecture 14: Troubleshooting your iPad's WiFi Connection 
  • Lecture 15: Tweak your iPad's Privacy Settings 
  • Lecture 16: Connect a Bluetooth Device to your iPad 
  • Lecture 17: Backup V Sync: What's the Difference? 
  • Lecture 18: Set up iCloud and Start Syncing 
  • Lecture 19: Change your iPad's Wallpaper 

Section 4: Taking control of your iPad

  • Lecture 20: Introducing the iPad's Control Centre
  • Lecture 21: Secure your iPad: Set a Passcode Lock on the iPad 
  • Lecture 22: Get to Grips with Multitasking on the iPad 
  • Lecture 23: Setup Email on your iPad 
  • Lecture 24: How to use and manage your Email on the iPad 
  • Lecture 25: Back up your iPad with iCloud 

Section 5:  The Fun Stuff

  • Lecture 26: iTunes: The Desktop Software Explained 
  • Lecture 27: Get to Know the iTunes Interface 
  • Lecture 28: Manage and Organise your Music Library using iTunes 
  • Lecture 29: How to Sync Music from iTunes to the iPad 
  • Lecture 30: Where to get movies for your iPad 
  • Lecture 31: Transferring Movies and TV Shows using iTunes 
  • Lecture 32: Transferring Books from iTunes to your iPad 
  • Lecture 33: Put Photos on your iPad using iTunes 
  • Lecture 34: Introducing the Apps Store 

Section 6: Basic Troubleshooting 

  • Lecture 35: Upgrading the Software on your iPad 
  • Lecture 36: Reset or Restart the iPad 
  • Lecture 37: Restoring your iPad 


Sample Videos from the Course

This video examines the Control Centre and shows you how to set it up, tweak its settings and use it as an effective shortcut tool. You can use it to access music controls, the Clock App, the camera, AirDrop, AirPlay, Volume and Brightness bars, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Do not Disturb.

How do you troubleshoot an iPad? How do you put the iPad to sleep, reset it, erase it to factory defaults, turn it off, reboot it, restore it and shut down a running app using the mutitasking bar. Setup restrictions. See the video - How to use parental controls and preserve privacy.