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Become an iPad Power User


How to Enrol in the course

This course is available from which is an online learning website. It has paid courses on a variety of subjects. For U3A members, the iPad Quick Start Guide is free (It normally sells for $79). Click the link below which will provide you with a free coupon to enrol in the course.


Course Goals

  • Understand the difference between a pre-installed app and a Third-Party app.
  • Download a wide variety of essential apps for information, education, entertainment and productivity.
  • Search the App Store to replace a pre-installed app for a Third-Party app that is more beneficial in terms of features and functions.
  • Use App search and discovery engines to locate more functional Third-Party apps.
  • Save time and effort by learning how to organise your iPad using folders, bookmarks, web icons and hiding apps you don't use.
  • Understand the purpose of each pre-installed app in order to make more informed decisions about whether to use it or replace it with an alternative app
  • Learn how to setup each pre-installed app by adjusting the settings to personalise it.
  • Increase your understanding and knowledge of what apps are available by learning how to search the App Store and the iTunes Store.


Section 1: Introduction

Learn about the possibilities of each pre-installed app and how to use this course

  • Lecture1: Welcome to the course (WATCH FIRST)
  • Lecture2: An overview of the course content - What are you going to learn?
  • Lecture3: How to play the Videos and turn on Closed Captions
  • Lecture4: Extra Resources and Video Descriptions
  • Lecture5: Join the Facebook iPad Tips, Tricks and Tutorials Community Page
  • Quiz1: Before you start ... How much do you know about your iPad
  • Lecture6: Unveiling your iPad's power: What Apps come pre-installed on your iPad?


Section2:Your iPad as an Organizer 

Understand how the pre-installed apps can make you more productive and efficient.

  • Lecture7: Sifting through Contacts: How to add, view, search, share and delete Contacts
  • Lecture8: Don't let your calendar push you around: Add & edit Events in the Calendar App
  • Lecture9: Punching the clock: Explore the features of the Clock App
  • Lecture10: Remembering Events with the Reminders App
  • Lecture11: Customizing the Notifications Center
  • Lecture12:Get organised. How to move icons and use Folders on the iPad
  • Lecture13: How to hide the pre-installed Apps
  • Quiz2: How well can you organize the Apps on your iPad?


Section3:Your iPad for communication 

Understand the range of communication methods available with pre-installed apps.

  • Quiz3: How well do you know the Mail app?
  • Lecture14: See me. Read me. File me. Delete me. Working with the iPad's Mail App
  • Lecture15: iPad Cheat sheet: Settings for Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Lecture16: Attach photos and videos using the Mail app
  • Lecture17: Getting the iMessage. How to use iMessage on the iPad
  • Lecture18: Seeing is believing with FaceTime
  • Lecture19: Take your iPad siri-ously: How to Use Siri on your iPad


Section4: Your iPad for Information and Education 

Search for, learn and locate information using pre-installed apps.

  • Quiz4: How well do you know Safari?
  • Lecture20: Let's go on a mobile Safari. Explore the features of Safari iOS 8
  • Lecture21: Making Notes using the Notes app
  • Lecture22: Maps are where it's at: Getting to know the Maps app
  • Lecture23: Learning and education with the iTunes U app
  • Lecture24: Lost or stolen iPad? Find my iPhone / iPad will track it down
  • Lecture25: How to use Spotlight Search


Section5:Your iPad as a multimedia powerhouse 

Use pre-installed apps to experience music, video, photos, podcasts, books and magazines.

  • Lecture26: Shopping with the iPad's App Store app
  • Lecture27: How to use the iTunes Store on the iPad
  • Lecture28: iPad Videography: Play Movies and TV Shows using the Videos app
  • Lecture29: Curl up with a good iBook: How to Read and organize books and pdfs using iBooks
  • Lecture30 :Purchase and read magazines and newspapers with Newsstand
  • Lecture31: The Podcasts App: Listen to or watch media on any topic
  • Lecture32: How to take videos and photos with the Camera app
  • Lecture33: The Photos App: Tracking down your pictures
  • Lecture34: The Photos App: Editing Tools to enhance your pictures
  • Lecture35: The Photos App: Admiring your pictures
  • Lecture36: Take control of your tunes: How to use the Music App

Section6: App-solutely! The iPad as a platform for third-party apps 

Learn about Third-Party apps as alternatives to pre-installed apps

  • Lecture37: Introduction: What are Third Party Apps?
  • Lecture38: Alternative apps for the Calendar App
  • Lecture39: Alternative apps for the Camera App
  • Lecture40: Alternative apps for the Contacts app
  • Lecture41: Alternative apps for iBooks
  • Lecture42: Alternative apps for the Mail app
  • Lecture43: Alternative apps for the Maps app
  • Lecture44: Alternative apps for the Messages app
  • Lecture45: Alternative apps for the Music app
  • Lecture46: Alternatives for the Notes app
  • Lecture47: Alternative apps for the Photos app
  • Lecture48: Alternative apps for the Reminders app
  • Lecture49: Alternative apps for Safari
  • Lecture50: Alternative apps for the Siri App
  • Lecture51: Alternative apps for the Videos app


Section7:Discover New Apps 

How to use app search engines to find third-party apps for your iPad

  • Lecture52: How to discover App bargains using AppShopper
  • Lecture53: How to find apps using Appcrawlr

Sample videos from the Course