The App Store

Even if you're new to the iPad, you've probably heard of apps before. The concept is simple: Apps are programs that are designed to run on your device.

The iPad comes with a number of built-in apps that you can access immediately from the Home screen. They're a great place to start for new users because there's nothing to download or install. Many of these apps are ready to use right out of the box (like the Camera app), while others require a little more setup (like Mail and Contacts). We'll take a look at some of the built-in apps later in this tutorial.

Once you've explored the apps that came with your device, you might want to try downloading some more from the App Store. There are thousands of apps that you can download for free. Many other apps cost as little as $0.99, although some may be more expensive.

You can search for and download apps from the App Store directly from your iPad using the App Store app. 

The App Store has the world’s largest collection of mobile apps. But it’s not just the number that’s impressive. It’s the kinds of apps you’ll find. With such a variety of high-quality apps, you can transform your iPad into anything you want it to be. And all those apps are in one place, so they’re easy to access, easy to search and easy to download — using the same Apple ID account you use on iTunes.

** You'll need an Apple ID and either a valid credit card or iTunes gift card  to purchase apps from the App Store (including free apps).  How to create an Apple ID.


Searching for Apps

If you know what you want, enter the app’s name in the Search field at the upper right. If you can’t see this field, tap Search at the bottom). Or, type a keyword like keyboard or weather.


Browsing for Apps

Tap a button on the bottom of the screen to try one of these views:

Featured: Featured shows an assortment of apps that Apple has chosen to highlight. To focus your browsing, tap Categories at the upper left. This view is a good place to watch for great new apps and sales.
Top Charts: Top Charts isn’t all that useful because its lists are often full of junk apps, but it can be a quick way to track down something that’s free, and you can tap Categories to narrow your search.
Explore: This view includes popular apps in your location, as well as a list of app categories

iPad app store

Access the App Store from a computer

This video looks at using the app store in iTunes whilst you are on a computer. It navigates through all the different sections and explains how to locate and download an app for your ipad or phone. It weill explain user reviews, ratings and how to update apps.

You need to have your iPad connected to your computer via the USB cable that came with your iPad. Once you have downloaded and updated apps, sync the iPad.


Updating Apps Automatically

After you buy an app, there’s a good chance that the developer will offer a free update with new fixes and features. If you want the latest versions of your apps with the least amount of effort, you can have them update automatically:

Tap Settings > App and iTunes Stores.
Under Automatic Downloads, turn on Updates


Updating Apps Manually

In the App Store app, tap Updates. You see a list of all apps with available updates. Tap Update All or tap the Update button for any individual app—you can tap several Update buttons in rapid succession.

Then update downloads. When the app is ready to be used, you can tap Open in the Updates view or open the app normally from the Home screen.

1: Update all apps       2: update an app manually one by one      3:open an app once it has been updated

1: Update all apps       2: update an app manually one by one      3:open an app once it has been updated


Freeing up Space

If you don’t have enough space to update your apps, you must delete some apps, documents, or media in order to make space available for the updates.

To see what’s using the most space, go to Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage. If an app is taking up a lot of space and you wish to delete it, tap it and choose Delete App.


Downloading your first app

This process will involve you:

  1. Having an Apple ID. This is the ID you used to setup your iPad. If you have forgotten either your username or password, click here.
  2. You can also access your Apple account from the iPad apps: App Store and iTunes.  
  3. In the App store app, scroll to the bottom of the Featured Tab and tap on your Apple ID. From there, you can retrieve a password, change payment details or other account details.
  4. This is also the place to type in the code from an iTunes gift card. 

Downloading an app



Tap to open the App store app.

iPad App Store - forgot your password? 

iPad App Store - forgot your password? 

Download .pdf to Adobe Reader

Download a .pdf from the internet using Safari and open it in Adobe Reader

Download the app, Adobe Reader

Download the app, Adobe Reader

From the App Store, search for and install the app, Adobe Reader. It is a free app.

Find a .pdf to download

Find a .pdf to download

In Safari, go to the website: Tap Go to open the web site.

Download a .pdf file

Download a .pdf file

To download a file, tap on the link which will open that .pdf in Safari to view.

Open the .pdf in another app - Adobe Reader

Open the .pdf in another app - Adobe Reader

The .pdf will open in Safari where you can read it. However, Safari is not the best app for viewing such files, nor can you edit or annotate a .pdf. For this, you need to open the .pdf in Adobe Reader.
1. Tap the page to bring up the "Open In.." menu. 2. Select: Open in Adobe Reader.

The .pdf is opened in Adobe Reader

The .pdf is opened in Adobe Reader

Safari will switch to the app Adobe Reader and the .pdf is opened and available to view and edit.
1. Tap anywhere on the screen to bring up the editing bar.
2. Tap Documents to go back to your .pdf library

Adobe Reader Menu

Adobe Reader Menu

Documents will list all the documents you have stored in the app.

To open a document, tap it to open the reading pane.
Tap Edit to select a document to delete.

Document Management

Document Management

First, Select a document. Tap in the circle.
1. Duplicate a document
2. Move selected document
3.Rename the document
4. Delete the document.
Tap Done when finished

Editing and Annotaing a .pdf document

See the page in the Advanced iPad course: Editing Documents and Files

Video: Downloading an app to Adobe Reader