Advanced iPad Course Overview

To get the most out of this course will require the installation of apps onto your iPad,  as  well as signing up for an account with the following cloud services (dropbox, google and microsoft).

Apps to download:

From your iPad, open the App store, search for and install the following apps:

Skitch;  DocScanHD; Evernote; Google Drive; Windows Skydrive;  Box; Dropbox;  Youtube;  Goodreader; ($5.49) Plex;  Adobe Reader, Readdle Documents, Chrome, Flickr, Notability ($2.99);  PhotoTransfer ($3.99); Photosync ($1.99)

Using your iPad as a media device

  • watching region-blocked TV on your iPad
  • creating iTunes accounts in other countries
  • how to download videos from Youtube to your computer
  • ripping DVD's using Handbrake and VLC player
  • Plex as a media centre - installation and configuration of the Plex media server and player
  • Photos - getting photos on and off the iPad - PhotoTransfer, Photostream, Photosync, Flickr, uploading photos to cloud services


iTunes as a media centre   

  • iTunes preferences and settings
  • synchronising your ipad with iTunes
  • getting media into your iTunes library
  • organising your iTunes library
  • synchronsing your iPad with iTunes



  • creating a Youtube account
  • creating a Youtube channel
  • creating playlists
  • adding videos to Favourites and Watch Later
  • subscribing to channels
  • uploading your own video content
  • Creating a video slideshow from your photos


Cloud Services

  • creating accounts for Dropbox, Windows Skydrive, Google Drive,
  • download the apps from the app store: google drive, skydrive, box and dropbox and sign in to your accounts
  • characteristics of each cloud service
  • printing with Google CloudPrint


 File Management on the iPad

  • using Goodreader  and Readdle Documents to manage files
  • getting files onto the ipad via iTunes syncing and wireless transfer
  • connecting servers
  • cloud services and Goodreader
  • saving a web page as a pdf using the Chrome app
  • scanning using the app DocScan HD


Going Paperless

  • creating an Evernote account
  • how to use Evernote to go paperless
  • scanning documents with the app: DocScanHD
  • the Fujitsu Scansnap 1300 scanner


Editing documents on the iPad

  • editing a .pdf in Goodreader and Adobe Reader 
  • annotating with Skitch