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Pixlr Online Course

If you want free photo editing available on the internet, try     

Pixlr is a free-to-use image editor that combines paint tools with image design and works in your browser. You can also use it for several different purposes, including creating an image from scratch, as well as layering images over each other. You can also make use of a variety of effects, filters and level adjustments, define your own brushes, utilities such as resizing and cropping, drawing right onto a blank canvas and a host of other features. All this will help you to radically transform all your photographs.

Pixlr Power is an online video course - 53 video lessons with worksheets and projects. (8 hours of content).

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Learn the iPad: Online course

Maybe you just got a new iPad. Maybe you've had one for a bit, and want to squeeze every last drop of awesome out of it. Start this training from the beginning or jump right to the part you need. This course is designed for people who want a "Start me from the beginning." tour. It covers everything you need to know to get up and running on your iPad.


12 ways to maximise your iPad's battery


So you got yourself a shiny new Apple device, but you're so addicted that the battery is running out way too soon. What you need are some tips to keep your battery running for as long as possible. Many of these tips are going to be common sense, and won't be a surprise to the more geeky readers, but now you can always send this to your less geeky friends and relatives when they ask you how to improve their battery.   Read this post.

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How to print from the iPad

Among other things, the iPad is a great way to save paper: It lets you carry around all kinds of digital documents that you might otherwise have had to print. But from time to time you may still need to print data that’s on your iPad. There are many ways to print from your iPad – to paper and, more importantly these days, paperless. Read this post

Download the iPad User guide

There is an iPad user guide for the iPad, iOS version 7 and it needs to be downloaded from the iBooks store via your iPad. Watch the video.

iPad Advanced

Once you have mastered the basics on your iPad, the advance topics cover: how to move files to & from your iPad, apps that offer more value to the iPad as a productivity tool, using your iPad as a media centre, streaming video, going paperless, using and accessing cloud services. 

For detailed information & tutorials on how to use the iPad as an advanced user, see the iPad Advanced link on the menu bar.  iPad Advanced course outline.

iPad Support from apple

If you have a query, problem, question, the Apple iPad Support page may be helpful. 

Forgot your Apple password? Use the iForgot tool to have your password reset. 

Manage your Apple ID . View and edit your Apple account information.

Identifying iPad Models. How do you find out what model your iPad is. 


Watching Video on this website

There are many videos available on this site to assist you in learning how to use the iPad. These videos can be viewed directly from Youtube or by clicking the video to play it. This video explains further.

iPad Tricks & Tips

Your iPad will let you easily watch movies, browse the Internet, or get email on the go, but there are many advanced features hidden beneath the surface of iOS that can improve your tablet computing experience. To help you become an iPad master, see the collection of tips and tricks.


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Start learning on Udemy today!

Getting to know the iPad. Videos for the absolute iPad beginner. 

iPad Keyboard tips. Become an expert in  the iPad's keyboard and explore all the hidden keys and functions.

How to use Safari for beginners - How to use the web browser on the iPad.

How to sync your iPad with iTunes. Keep your iPad up to date and content synchronised.

How to use Evernote. A series of tutorials.

How to use Notability. A series of tutorials on how to use the note-taking app: Notability. 

Configure the iPad's settings. Become a more productive iPad user.

 ... More video playlists that explore the iPad.



iPad Beginner

Learn the basic tips, tricks and tutorials about your iPad. It does much more than email and internet surfing. Not sure what apps to put on your iPad? Download a list of apps

For detailed information & tutorials on how to use the iPad as a beginner, see the iPad Beginner link on the menu bar.


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Mastering the iPad's virtual keyboard. Here is a series of videos that will make you a keyboard power user. iPad Keyboard tips and tricks

  • Correct your typos with the magnifying glass
  • Find the hidden keys on the keyboard
  • Turn on Caps Lock
  • Add a full stop automatically as you type
  • Copy and paste text
  • Replace typing errors
  • Split, dock and merge the keyboard
  • Emoticons, icons and symbols – adding the Emoji keyboard
  • Edit, format and style text
  • Keyboard settings explained


Online Course: Learn how you how you can use your brain in a more balanced way. The course demonstrates some practical strategies for unleashing the weak side of your brain - so that you can make better decisions and solve problems more quickly .The course comprises more than 4 hours of video and 20 lectures